Restarting the Service or Server

The most effective action to restore the health of your Inventu Viewer server if users cannot connect is a restart--this can be with or without rebooting the server.  In most cases a full reboot is unnecessary unless it is suspected another process on the server is causing disruptions.  

Follow these steps to ensure a clean restart, especially if taken in the middle of the day with many users attempting to connect:

1.Using the IIS Administration Console Stop the FVTerm v4.0 Application Pool:

This prevents user HTTP requests from disrupting initialization between the Service and FVTerm

2.Restart the Inventu Viewer Service or Reboot/Restart the Windows Server

a.Fastest: Restart the Inventu Viewer Service--this may be named Flynet Viewer Service on servers installed prior to 2020.  If the Service has crashed, you will need to Start the service rather than Restart:

b.Most Complete: Reboot the Server

3.Start the FVTerm v4.0 Application Pool using the IIS Console:


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