Setting-Up: Make Notification Area Viewer Icon Visible

Over the years, we have utilized our own version of the Windows Start Button to provide easy access to common tools and actions.  The installer sets-up two icons that without additional action will be hidden and provide less utility.

The icon looks like this:   and by default, it will be hidden unless the notification tray (lower right of taskbar) is open.  We recommend setting the icon visible:

Right-click in the Windows TaskBar and Select Taskbar settings (this may depend on your version of Windows!)
Scroll down to Notification Area and click on Select which icons appear on the taskbar
Set SCControl - Inventu Viewer Emulation Service to On 

By default, the Inventu Viewer installer sets the SCControl process behind the Icon to auto-start but depending on how you logon to the server where Viewer is installed, the SCControl icon might not be present after a system Restart or Shutdown/Start.  If you find this happening, you can start the SCControl from the Inventu Viewer Start Folder as the Taskbar Control:

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